Automation Cloud

UBIO delivers enterprise grade web automation.

Our Robotic Transaction Automation can transact on pretty much any target website. This means any online task designed for human beings to perform is now in the realm of machine-driven automation, at scale.

UBIO Robot

UBIO Automation

UBIO's Autopilot app interacting with Sky's website.

Meet Autopilot.

Autopilot is the application we use to train our system to interact with your suppliers’ websites and APIs. It interacts with a standard Chrome web browser and can do anything a human might. The outcome is a script our Robots can run in the Automation Cloud.

In turn, you get a transactional API and your customers can buy where they discover – on your site.

Our platform

We’ve built the cloud architecture to perform web automation at-scale. It’s interface is a simple, consistent, REST API that our partners integrate to perform automation tasks. These are things that humans would usually perform online – but probably shouldn’t have to be bothered with – like saving money on their car insurance or checking in for their flight to New York.

The ubio Automation Cloud is deliberately agnostic of application. It can book, buy, fill-forms, sign-up or transact on pretty much any website. We can integrate supplier APIs directly too, meaning you get a single, unified API for all suppliers.

All this means that businesses which perform aggregated searching or product curation no longer need to pass their customers out to the supplier to complete their purchase or action. We do all that behind the scenes, meaning the end-user experience is drasticlally improved and our partners’ brands remain central.


So how does it all work?

We host a private cadre of ‘Worker’ robots which the Automation Cloud can utilise to perform ‘Jobs’. A Worker is usually a headless machine running our automation toolset and a Chrome browser, though for some simple Jobs – like crawling for product prices – we deploy our Workers in the form of functions on serverless machines for speed and scalability. This is the core of what we term Robotic Transaction Automation, or RTA.

Our internal API controls and routes requests around our services. For example, internally we optimise queues for Job execution, or route traffic through one or other proxy. It’s all done securely with SSL and provides granular events for monitoring and control of the service.

Because the RTA we perform is transactional we’re secure by design. One part of our infrastructure provides a secure vault service for customer payment card data. As you’d expect, this is fully PCI DSS compliant. This is the only part of our Service that can ever be aware of card data. Not even our Workers are privy to it because we perform sophisticated traffic routing for cardholder data. Only the partner retains the encryption keys – we never store them – so our security surpasses the regular PCI DSS recommendations.


Comprehensive Supplier support

We support suppliers with what we call ‘Services’ and employ a team of humans who train our Worker robots to interact with the Supplier website or API. A new Service is generally straightforward to support, meaning we can achieve true market-covering breadth.

Our team of Automators respond to changes on the Suppliers’ sites 24/7 ensuring consistent coverage in the event of a redesign or change to the website. This is all part of the managed automation service we offer.

We also apply AI and machine intelligence to the challenge of comprehending semantically unstructured websites. This means, in the future, our training overhead can be diminished or removed and we will be able to automate our own automation.

Optimised partner integration

Externally we provide a consistent API which allows our partners to control our service. Integration is simple and predictable and we provide guided integration documentation to get dev teams up and running rapidly.

As you’d expect, we have considerable in-house expertise in automation, deriving semantics from unstructured website data and complex, high-demand service architectures. We’re developers and product specialists at heart and will assist our partner teams throughout the process.

‘Scraping’ or ‘Automation’?

When people play what we do back to us they sometimes use the word "scraping".

That's understandable, but it only describes a small part of what we do. Our robots can and do retrieve information from websites, but they do way more too.

We use the terms "Robotic Transactional Automation", "Web automation" or just "Automation". It's a bit more of a mouthful but it describes what we do more thoroughly.

UBIO's robots can interact fully with any website, just like a human. Our Automation Cloud is active, rather than passive.

Automation allows us to do all of this:

  • Robotically complete transactions, like a booking, end to end
  • Make secure payments
  • Intelligently follow different branches in a transactional flow
  • React to data displayed in-flow
  • Cope with changes, walls and A/B testing
  • Pause, reconsider and resume
  • Interact directly with APIs

Here's to our fully interactive and transactional robots and our corner of technology: Automation.

Higher sales & conversion

Offering your customers an integrated, end-to-end booking experience leads to less booking and payment friction and greater conversion rates.

Safe & secure payments

UBIO is PCI-DSS compliant. All data is encrypted and secure.

Simple integration

Integration is simple with limited and consistent API endpoints. We have guided documentation which has been tested with dev teams to get you on-board quickly.

Zero supplier integration

We automate transactions on any supplier. This means there are no costly supplier or legacy distribution APIs to integrate. We cover that.

Full customer insight

You’ll gain full visibility on the buying funnel. We give you remarketing opportunities beyond search.

Attribution model compatible

100% compatible with your existing attribution arrangements, our platform correctly attributes transactions without any code changes.

Supplier confidence

Because we buy using your customers’ data the supplier has full insight into the purchase and remain merchant of record.

ubio price comparison

UBIO Price Comparison

We let your customers buy their insurance, loans, mortgages, broadband and more where they compare – directly on your app or site. We automate the transaction on the underlying supplier so you get a consistent transactional API. Customers are more likely to buy where they compare.

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We power direct booking, without limitations – for air and ground travel, hotels, car hire and insurance – with no dependency on traditional distribution systems. Our technology allows your customers stay on your property for the full transaction. This results in much improved conversion.

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