Managed Automation.

We automate any online process.

We have experience in insurance, finance, travel, retail, ticketing, banking and wallets. If you have an application that would benefit from UBIO's Robotic Transaction Automation we will happily see if we can help.

Managed automation for your business

UBIO can automate any online process. While this is most likely to be a transactional process, it could be almost anything, on any target website.

We have worked across multiple industries, notably price comparison, financial services, retail, banking, wallets and ticketing, but our Automation Cloud technology can be put to use on any vertical – whatever automated tasks your business can make use of. If you're in the travel industry we have more detailed information about services in your industry here. If you're a Price Comparison engine, See here for our managed service for PCWs.

Our automation services are particularly effective for businesses which aggregate products or services for sale. On these services a customer must usually leap away to the supplier site to complete their purchase or transaction which results in significant churn.

UBIO automation can power transactions on your existing site. This allows you to design and control the full sales funnel, and your customers never leave your service. That increases brand equity, loyalty and significantly boosts conversion.

It’s true that conversion on mobile is particularly challenging when users are pushed out to supplier sites to purchase. Forms are often difficult or impossible to complete. Sometimes this causes a problem where you do all the hard work to acquire your customer on mobile only for them to abandon their purchase there and hop onto a larger screen. This breaks your attribution and your conversion efforts are thwarted

With ubio you can optimise a single payment funnel to work across all devices. If you save customer profiles repeat purchases are a matter of one or two taps to convert. And we always complete a purchase with your affiliate URL, so you never lose attribution.

Get in touch if your product or service would benefit from Robotic Transaction Automation.

Banking & wallets

We provide mobile wallets with purchase-anywhere capability. Wallet users get a buy button that allows any product from any online shop to be purchased in the wallet app using the payment information stored in it. This opens up e-commerce to wallet providers and negates the need to build a acquisition network across retailers.

  • Enables e-commerce in mobile wallets.
  • Helps banks and card issuers promote their card or wallet brand.
  • Works across desktop too.

Online ticketing

UBIO automation powers ticket and event booking for theatre, gigs and other events. We can book seats across venues and allow aggregated ticket services the ability for their customers to purchase on their site – no hopping off to the venue website to book.

  • Provide the full search and book experience.
  • Allow users to save a payment profile so repeat purchases are instant.
  • Improve the ticket purchase experience on mobile or desktop.


If you provide a beautiful, aggregated shopping experience passing your shoppers off to the retailer to purchase still means heavy churn. We can power your missing basket, allowing you to provide the full funnel, gain full insights and a major boost in conversion.

  • Own the full purchase experience with a basket you design.
  • Improve your own brand equity and customer loyalty.
  • Increase sales.

Other applications

UBIO automation can be applied to any industry, vertical or transactional application. Our impact is significant wherever your customers leave your site or service to transact. We provide the missing API for purchase so you retain ownership of your customer.

  • We can apply our technology to any application.
  • You keep your customers on your property.
  • Our service is invisible to your customers.
ubio automation cloud

UBIO Automation Cloud

Our platform can transact on pretty much any target website. This means any online task designed for human beings to perform is now in the realm of at-scale, machine-driven automation. Our workers perform chores so your customers don’t have to, and stay on your site or app.

The UBIO Automation Cloud delivers enterprise grade web automation.

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