for Suppliers

UBIO can perform robotic transactions on your website opening up the possibility of direct sales on aggregator channels like metasearch and PCW.

You keep the customer and achieve a significant boost in sales with no integration or additional spend.

Customers buy where they discover

Users are much more likely to purchase where they discover, meaning a UBIO powered integration will convert better than clicking out. You retain ownership of the customer just as you do today.

We give aggregators transactional APIs to buy your product. We provision a pool of worker robots which execute transactions on your existing platform.

Your users discover, UBIO transacts.

  • No integration required
  • You get all user data
  • Fully secure and PCI compliant

We give aggregators the full transactional experience so customers stay and buy.

  • Better aggregator engagement
  • Efficient use of marketing spend
  • Improved conversion

What can I expect to achieve?

Direct booking on the aggregator means better conversion and more efficient use of that acquisition channel. We currently see conversion uplifts upwards of 25%.

How does it work?

1. Users discover the way they do now

2. When they’re ready to purchase they do so directly on the aggregator

3. Our robots buy on your website in the UBIO Automation Cloud

4. Payments are fully PCI compliant

5. You keep the full customer relationship


Who owns the customer?

You do. Nothing changes this relationship. The customer effectively books directly with you.

What about my brand?

The aggregator will communicate your brand to customers when they book. And you’re in full control of confirmation messages and remarketing.

Is the process secure?

Everything is encrypted, PII is not retained and payments are PCI compliant.

What about compliance?

We return pricing, key documents, opt-ins and any other information to the aggregator so their journey is as compliant as it is on your website.

Do I need to integrate?

No. You don’t need to do anything. We train our robots to interact on your website.

Don’t I need to build an API

No, we simply automate your website.

What if I already offer an API?

We can work with that too. Offering a consolidated method of transacting is very attractive to our metasearch and PCW clients so you can still take advantage of UBIO automation.

What if we change our website?

Service continuity is designed-in. We monitor 24/7 and re-train our robots. You can continue updating and changing your website as normal.

What will it cost us?

Nothing. We take a commission from the aggregator. You benefit from their conversion increase.

Will I be at a disadvantage by not participating?

We believe so. Your competitors who have already embraced Robotic Transaction Automation will enjoy the conversion advantage.

Who do you currently work with?

We mainly work across the Travel and Price Comparison industries. In travel we work with suppliers in Hotels, Flights, Coach and Train, Vacation rentals, Holidays and Visas. For PCWs we work with Insurers, Loan providers, Mobile phone and Broadband providers. We also automate Theatre booking. Many of these suppliers, as well as our clients, are household names.


We power direct booking, without limitations – for air and ground travel, hotels, car hire and insurance – with no dependency on traditional distribution systems. Our technology allows your customers stay on your property for the full transaction. This results in much improved conversion.

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