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Helping you connect the web

UBIO are the creators of the Automation Cloud, the technology platform for connecting the web.

Our open source toolset can perform any interaction on a website and connect with standard APIs. You can sign up to our SaaS product or speak to us about our in-house team managing your automations.

We’re an international team who work with the most engaged developers and the biggest brands.

Automation Cloud

Make the web your API

Rapidly Automate, transact and connect any action on the web with the Automation Cloud.

Train our robots perform any web interaction, no matter how complex. Connect existing APIs. Add superpowers to your application.


Discover the Automation Cloud

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Our customers

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We automate for Enterprise

Use the Automation Cloud to discover data, consolidate services or enable powerful web interactions on behalf of your customers.

Power-up your Dev team with access to our automation tools to tackle tasks like data mining, competitor analysis and transactional testing.

Speak to us about our Automation Team managing automations on your behalf and benefit from the advantage of automation without tasking your Dev team. Our expert in-house team handle complex cases like hotel booking for Metasearch, full product transactions for PCWs and more, keeping customers inside your experience and strengthening sales.


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