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Make the web programmable

Transform websites into powerful APIs with our Web Connectivity Platform.

Integrate transactions and data into marketplaces and assistants and perform any action.

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Our customers

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The next generation of internet experiences will provide an assistive layer on top of the existing web” (2001)

This was the original vision for the Semantic Web, but it hasn’t happened.


Introducing web standards didn’t work

Web standards (e.g. RDFa) implementations and REST APIs never became mainstream and left the initial vision of the Semantic Web behind.


Websites are designed for people, not machines

It’s almost impossible for machines to recognise the content, pull the necessary Data and perform actions on websites.


Business suffers inefficiencies

Due to the lack of advanced technology infrastructure, ambitious businesses can’t build services on top of existing products and waste resources on manual work.

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What we give our clients


Connectivity with any supplier in 5 days (with or without API)


Control over the entire customer experience (no redirection, less churn)


Conversion rate growth up to 49%


Dev team time savings of up to 90%

Our solutions

Platform Smart Actions

A single checkout API for selling anything (from any website)

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Platform Smart Feed

A reliable, real-time data feed for all your suppliers

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Platform Platform

Program the web with yourself with our open source toolset.

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Who we are

UBIO are the creators of the Automation Cloud, the leading Web Connectivity Platform.

We believe delivering excellent customer experience is the future.

However, for many personal assistants and marketplaces, making their dream a reality is challenged by fragmented Internet infrastructure.

8 years ago we decided to solve this problem with a new technology that is capable of connecting any web service with any online source. Machines can interact with any website regardless of available APIs.

We can help you connect with any 3rd party to perform any interaction.

Or you can do that on your own with our open-source toolset.

Reliability rate

Reliability rate

ountries and counting

Countries, and counting

MRR growth

MRR growth

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