Booking and data APIs for travel, events & job boards

Gather data, book, apply and checkout on the web even when no API exists.

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UBIO's Connectivity Platform

UBIO’s web connectivity platform enables aggregators to access data otherwise unobtainable and carry out transactional automation across the web. Whether it’s for direct hotel rates, flight booking, ticket booking or job listings, our technology has it covered. Delivered through a simple, easy-to-use API, we help our customers improve user experience, increase content and differentiate from the competition. 

“UBIOs web automation and connectivity technology has enabled trivago to provide our customers with the lowest direct hotel rates. This has improved our service to our customers, giving them access to the best hotel rates and likewise, providing hoteliers a closer connection to trivago users."

Axel Hefer, CEO, trivago

Portrait of Axel Hefer, CEO Trivago

Flight Booking

Low cost booking API for airlines

Use our flight API to increase routes, add airlines and automate post booking.

Improve airline coverage

Reduce booking fees

Automate manual post-booking

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Hotel Metasearch

Access the cheapest rates direct from hotels

UBIO offers the world's leading direct hotel rates database

Direct hotel rates database

33 content data points per hotel

Database of 50,000 hotels

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Job Boards

Increase completed job applications

Enable candidates to successfully submit applications from within your job board

Increase candidate applications

Reduce candidate drop off

Improve candidate experience

Our automation solution for job boards

Direct Hotel Rates

Hotel metasearch that can access direct rates for all hotels, which are known to be the cheapest in over 50% of cases, give themselves a huge commercial opportunity. This empowers your customers to search, compare and book the best rates for their travel, improve user experience and results in greater brand loyalty, improved conversions and increased revenues.

Leading metasearch platforms such as trivago and Google have already embraced UBIO's Smart Feed hotel content solution that provides direct hotel rates for metasearch at scale, enabling their users to discover, compare and book the lowest hotel rates.

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Flight booking API

UBIO's connectivity technology can provide flight booking through a single API, including airlines that do not have an existing API integration. Our flight API can also provide post-booking capabilities, removing the manual agent effort previously required.

Our customers tell us this is streamlining their processes, saving time and reducing their costs.

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Transactional APIs

UBIO's connectivity technology is being used across a variety of industries to automate transactions on the web. Our low cost, easy to implement API is being used to facilitate hotel, flight and train bookings, complete insurance and job applications, and make ticket purchases on the web.

Our technology transforms websites into powerful payment and data APIs, giving our customers the power back over their customer journey. UBIO has the power to connect any website without the need for an API, providing connectivity anywhere. We power over 100 million automations per month and help sell thousands of theatre, events and attractions each day.

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A new approach to solving connectivity challenges in travel, events & job boards.

Maximise earnings and deliver increased revenue

UBIO's connectivity technology is enabling our web aggregator customers to improve conversions and increase content to grow their revenues.

Improve customer experience

UBIO helps our aggregator customers remove user friction by improving available content and facilitating booking at the point of discovery.

Differentiate from the competition

Our customers are standing out from the  competition through cheaper hotel rates, more airlines and automation of manual processes.

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