The UBIO Purpose

To connect the disconnected web through automation

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UBIO's managed automation service transforms websites into powerful transactional and data APIs, giving our customers the power back over their own customers’ journey.

UBIO can connect anything on the web, both websites and APIs, providing rich data and performing any interaction. Our customers include Google and trivago. We power their ability to collect availability and price data from over 50,000 hotels around the world, and we power organisations such as to sell airline tickets and TickX to sell theatre tickets. Our teams are based across Europe and are dedicated to building technology that makes meaningful connections between the services on the web and delivering business outcomes for our customers. 

Our story

UBIO was founded in 2013 by Marcus Greenwood, Mark Russell and Anatoliy Chakkaev to improve customer journeys in online retail by connecting web technology.

Following 5 years of R&D, our deep tech automation solution developed to serve the travel, event ticketing and recruitment industries, enabling our customers to gather data from previously unobtainable sources and automate and own their full customer online journey.

Our customers now include Google and trivago, and our automation technology now powers over 100 million automations per month and facilitates over $500m of bookings per year.

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"We've created technology that sits on top of the web which allows any action, and any data point to be acted on by computers. This is super powerful for our clients and will make the dream of the Semantic Web a possibility.
With everything connected and available, any application can access any service or information on the web. The Automation Cloud provides this connectivity. We call it programming the web."

Marcus Greenwood, CEO, UBIO

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We’ve spent a lot of time exploring how we go about our work and what impact we have on our partners and their world.

We extend and complete our partners’ apps and businesses and we work with them so they’re eminently successful. We apply highly valuable, reliable and secure technology to achieve that.

Above all, we’re open and inclusive – to our clients, to new ideas and technologies, with our team and in defining what we do. We think our technology is smart, and we’re here to make your application smarter.


We invite anybody to program the web. This might be a developer, but it needn’t be.
Our toolset has been built so that anybody can program powerful workflows to step beyond the constraints of human interaction, and realise the power of the semantic web.


We want anybody to download our tools and start programming the web.
We’re building a highly usable and accessible toolset that means true value can be generated for anybody, whether they’re new to our tools or part of our internal team.


We extend the capabilities of our customers and enable them to do things they might not even think is possible.
We build APIs to extract data and automate online tasks without the underlying websites changing how they operate.


Our technology is sophisticated and has been built by a super smart team of engineers and inventors.
The Automation Cloud is smart and we help our customers look even smarter.


We understand that transparency and real detail is more valuable than curated messaging and trade secrets.
We’re open about what we do with our customers and also internally, with our team. We realise the benefit of writing, tweeting and communicating about what we do. And we contribute to open source software because our platform is built on top of it.

A great place to work and innovate

Work is about way more than just your salary and computer. And though we pay well and kit you out properly, we’ve also thought hard about our culture and what you need while you work for us.

We know you need to balance work with your real life, and we support you in doing that. We hire mature, responsible people like you, who we trust to work hard on terms that work for us both. And we offer a well considered package of benefits to make your life easier and happier.

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