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About UBIO and Automation Cloud

We're building the world's most powerful connectivity platform

We started with the idea of a single shopping basket that worked anywhere. Then we realised how powerful connecting the web can be.

We've since built the Automation Cloud, technology that can act on the web to perform any action and deliver any data. We provide the missing machine-operable layer allowing us to program the web.

Our team is growing. Find out more about us, meet the team and find our list of current vacancies

An online aggregator's checkout powered by the Automation Cloud.
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Meet the team

                    We've created technology that sits on top of the web which allows any action, and any data point to be acted on by computers. This is super powerful for our clients and will make the dream of the Semantic Web a possibility.
With everything connected and available, any application can access any service or information on the web. The Automation Cloud provides this connectivity. We call it programming the web.
— Marcus Greenwood, CEO – UBIO & Automation Cloud

About UBIO and the Automation Cloud

We make the web programmable.

UBIO build the Automation Cloud, the most powerful platform that performs any interaction on the web, and gathers any data.

We're a team of 31 people, based all over Europe who are dedicated to building technology that makes meaningful connections between the services on the web.

We automate interactions and retrieve data at scale for some of the world's biggest search and aggregator companies. Our technology helps them perform more smartly, sell more and integrate service that would otherwise be disconnected.

Our robots perform over 10 million automations per month, reliably and securely across multiple markets.

In 2001, Tim Berners-Lee predicted that, "The next generation of internet experiences will provide an assistive layer on top of the existing web”. He called it the Semantic Web.

Though, despite the huge potential of machine connectivity and interoperability, the web stayed fragmented and human-only, and it never happened.

The Automation Cloud provides the layer of programmability that allows machines to interact with any existing web service (site or API). Our robots can interact just like humans, and they're smarter and faster.

The future is a connected web, where computers provide real assistance to enhance and augment our human lives.

We programme the web with the Automation Cloud. We believe it can get us there.

A brief history of programming the web

The web in a basket

In 2013, as a team of five, we decided the world needed a single, universal shopping basket. Somewhere customers could save and purchase any product from any online store. So we took-on the considerable technical challenge to achieve that goal. We found that the web is a labyrinth of the beautiful and the broken. Engineering technology to cope with all that and add meaning to it so computers could transact like humans became a huge and engrossing challenge for us.

Transactional experiences

As we began to explore markets beyond shopping, we realised the travel and price comparison industries had an enormous challenge. Metasearch and CPWs, like aggregated retail, couldn’t control the full experience. They provided incredibly successful search experiences, but what if they could contain the customer journey and enable direct booking? We knew that if we made the connections, they could.

A person saying "The missing checkout API."

No matter how delightful their product discovery was, shoppers had to jump out to the retailer to purchase. This really didn’t work well. So we offered them the underlying technology to provide the full funnel experience: a basket and automated checkout in the cloud. We’d bear that pain so their users were free to get on with more important things. This developed into the product we call Smart Actions.

Data flows

Because we could interact with any website, and could also ingest any web API, we knew we had most of the world's data at our fingertips.

We began to build a now product in the Automation Cloud that would gather data from any source on an intelligent schedule that ensured it was evergreen and highly reliable.

We began to provide millions of data points in a feed to the world's search providers. The Automation Cloud gives them the ability to display fresh, actionable data to make informed decisions. We called this Smart Feed.

What the future holds

We continue to build our technology and extended its uses, looking at more and more services that need Automation Cloud programmability.

But we don't want to restrict the power of being able to connect the web by keeping the technology to ourselves. So, we envisage a day when everybody can use the Automation Cloud toolset to program the web.

Work with us
A few Automation Cloud customers

Our leadership team

Marcus Greenwood
Adar Cohen
SVP Customer Success
Andrew Waters
Head of Engineering
Mark Russell
Michael Brandy
VP Business Development
Mihai Ene
Head of Automation
Boris Okunskiy
Emma Salih
Head of Product
Work with us

Our Values

We’ve spent a lot of time exploring how we go about our work and what impact we have on our partners and their world.

We extend and complete our partners’ apps and businesses and we work with them so they’re eminently successful. We apply highly valuable, reliable and secure technology to achieve that.

Above all we’re open and inclusive – to our clients, to new ideas and technologies, with our team and in defining what we do.We think our technology is smart, and we’re here to make your application smarter.

Contact us

UBIO Limited - London

63-66 Hatton Garden

UBIO Automation SRL - Bucharest

Sector 1Bd. Ficusului nr. 44a
Etaj 2
Cam 211

General enquiries: hello@ub.io