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About UBIO

We started with the idea of a single basket that worked anywhere. Then we realised how powerful connecting the web can be.

Our Automation Cloud technology, driven by our expert team and available to all developers, enables and augments businesses, providing their customers with superb experiences.

A brief history of connecting the web


In 2013, as a team of five, we decided the world needed a single, universal shopping basket. Somewhere customers could save and purchase any product from any online store. So we took-on the considerable technical challenge to achieve that goal. We found that the web is a labyrinth of the beautiful and the broken. Engineering technology to cope with all that and add meaning to it so computers could transact like humans became a huge and engrossing challenge for us.

We realised quickly that many businesses present beautiful, curated shopping experiences to their customers – but could only go as far as that. No matter how delightful their product discovery was shoppers had to jump out to the retailer to purchase. This really didn’t work well. So we offered them the underlying technology to provide the full funnel experience: a basket and automated checkout in the cloud. We’d bear that pain so their users were free to get on with more important things like discovering more products.

We began to explore other markets, and realised the travel and price comparison industries had an even bigger challenge. Metasearch and CPWs, like aggregated retail, couldn’t control the full experience. They provided incredibly successful search experiences, but what if they could contain the customer journey and enable direct booking? If we made the connections, they could.

In 2020 we released our tools so all Developers can start automating and connecting the web. This is in addition to our expert Automation team who manage automation for Enterprise. We think that anything that ought to be connected shall be connected and we hope our robots will be doing a lot of the hard work.

We’re an international team of 25 now, working in the UK, Romania, Italy and elsewhere, and we’re still gripped by the challenge of web automation.


Discover the Automation Cloud

Our values

We’ve spent a lot of time exploring how we go about our work and what impact we have on our partners and their world.

We extend and complete our partners’ apps and businesses and we work with them so they’re eminently successful. We apply highly valuable, reliable and secure technology to achieve that. Above all we’re open and inclusive – to our clients, to new ideas and technologies, with our team and in defining what we do.

We think our technology is smart, and we’re here to make your application smarter.

The UBIO Team

We love our team. They’re who we are. We’re 100% remote with people in the UK, Romania, Italy and elsewhere.

Management team


Marcus Greenwood



Mark Russell

CPO, Marketing & Ops


Boris Okunskiy



Michael Brandy

VP Business Development


Adar Cohen

VP Customer Success


Andrew Waters

Head of Engineering


Mihai Ene

Head of Automation

Product & Engineering


Emma Salih

Senior Product Manager


Anatoliy Chakkaev

Head of Innovation


Nickolay Abdrafikov

Lead Engineer


Alisa Muzafarova

Senior UX/UI Engineer


Anthony Sterling

Platform Engineer


Kyungeun Kim



Dejan Nesic

Frontend Engineer



Alex Cristea

Lead Automator


Eduard Badet

Lead Automator


Cristian Nedelcu



Andrei Marin

Lead Automator


Roxana Parpalea


Business, Marketing & Operations


Arun Rowe

Business Development manager


Laurie Borlace

Finance Manager


Lucy Heron

Operations Manager


Sveta Kochkaeva

Community Marketing Manager

Join us

Would you like to work with us as we connect the web? We’re always interested in hearing from developers and potential automators, even if there’s nothing listed here. No agencies though please.

Send a brief covering note with your CV, LinkedIn profile, and if you’re a developer your Github profile, to careers@ub.io

Current vacancies
  • Automators - Bucharest
  • Node developers - London or anywhere

Diversity at UBIO

UBIO is inclusive, and we believe diversity drives creative innovation. Our products connect and make sense of information on the web, whatever its source. Similarly, we’re striving to build a culture that reflects all corners of the community. We’ve embraced a commitment to diversity and inclusion where everyone feels empowered to involve themselves regardless of their gender identity, race, age, sexual orientation or background.

Contact us

UBIO Limited - London
63-66 Hatton Garden

UBIO Automation SRL – Bucharest
Sector 1Bd. Ficusului nr. 44a
Etaj 2
Cam 211

General equiries: hello@ub.io