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Smart Actions gives you the full checkout or purchase funnel and the radical conversion benefits that come with it

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How Smart Actions works

Marketplaces, metasearch and price comparison websites give customers amazing search experiences. However, because there aren’t reliable APIs for checkout they redirect their users to the supplier websites, causing friction and churn.

Smart Actions uses web automation to provide the missing checkout, booking or transactional API, allowing aggregators to own the full funnel for their customers' journey. User’s stay on the comparison site rather than getting redirected. This scales to cover any supplier, maintains 99.9%+ reliability and brings critical full-funnel insights. Most importantly, it means happier customers and more sales.

UBIO's managed automation solution creates streamlined user journeys by powering an onsite end-to-end booking, purchase or applications for any supplier. Marketplaces, metasearch and price comparison websites can meaningfully put themselves in command of the full, end-to-end experience, building a low friction UX inspired by valuable insights that answers to the needs of their consumer.

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How it works

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Fresh, accurate data for travel metasearch. UBIO provides the world’s largest database of direct hotel rates. 

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Experiencing friction in the sales funnel, leading global aggregators are using UBIO's Smart Actions connectivity solution to improve user experience, increase content, conversions and differentiate from the competition.

“Our experience with UBIO has been essential to our business. Their web automation technology enables us to increase conversion by offering our customers end to end bookings with multiple partners yet only a single API integration. Their customer support is also particularly responsive, ensuring that we can rely on their technology 24/7.”

Josh James, Chief Operating Officer, Snaptrip

Josh James, Snaptrip
Smart Actions gives you an API for any online interaction, such as checkout, booking or task completion.


Our price comparison site customers use UBIO to book flights, hotels and trains, reducing the desire for travellers to search elsewhere.

Job Boards

Job boards use UBIO to improve candidate experience and increase the conversion rate for completed applications.


UBIO enables event goers to purchase where they discover, increasing conversions, marketing efficiency and more sales through ticket partners.

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Flight booking API

UBIO's flight booking API gives flight OTAs access to airlines, including low cost carriers, through a single API. Our flight booking API does not rely on carriers having existing integrations for connectivity.  

UBIO's technology can automate post-booking activities that may currently managed by internal teams. Our customers tell us that our automation technology helps increase their coverage, reduce booking fees, and streamlines operations.

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Transactional APIs

UBIO's connectivity technology is being used across a number of industries to automate transactions on the web. Our easy-to-implement API is being used to facilitate hotel, flight and train bookings, complete job applications and make ticket purchases on the web.

Our customers tell us UBIO helps them transform websites into powerful payment and data APIs, giving them customers the power back over their customer journey. UBIO has the power to connect any website without the need for an API, providing connectivity anywhere. We power sales for thousands of flights, hotels and events each day, generating over $500m of booking revenue each year.

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Efficient integration and comprehensive coverage

With UBIO's transaction API technology, you can seamlessly transact with all your suppliers across the entire spectrum.

By integrating with a single, reliable API directly or utilising our libraries, you only need one connection to access all your suppliers. This minimises the support burden on your development team, allowing them to focus on other projects that generate revenue.

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Empowerment at your fingertips

In the realm of customer experience, UBIO's Smart Actions solution puts you in the driver's seat. It allows your customers to make purchases right at the moment of discovery, enabling you to transform your exceptional search experience into a comprehensive service.

With your expert brand and design team at the helm, you gain ownership of the entire customer journey, meaning much deeper control and a comprehensive view of data and analytics.

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