Dependable data at scale from any source

Retrieve a data feed from any source, whether it's embedded on web pages or challenging to access.

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The all-in-one API for web data.

UBIO's Smart Feed technology delivers real-time, dependable data at an internet-wide scale, sourced from web pages and existing APIs. It serves as a unified feed for your customers or business intelligence needs. With UBIO's robust connectivity capabilities, websites can be accessed seamlessly, eliminating the requirement for an API and enabling connectivity from anywhere.

With automated scheduling and crawling, it offers a comprehensive, up-to-date data view on an internet-wide scale. Smart Feed connects seamlessly, providing a consolidated API that allows developers and data scientists to focus on the data itself while reducing engineering costs.

Empowering aggregators with scalable access to vast and reliable data points. It seamlessly connects all sources and offers a consolidated API, allowing developers and data scientists to fully focus on data analysis while optimising engineering resources. Data can be pushed according to a set schedule or pulled on demand via our API.

UBIO's Smart Feed currently powers Google and trivago, collecting availability and pricing data for over 50,000 hotels worldwide. 

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How it works

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Transactional APIs for flight booking, travel, insurance, recruitment and more. UBIO carries out more than 100,000 automations per month.

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“UBIOs web automation and connectivity technology has enabled trivago to provide our customers with the lowest direct hotel rates. This has improved our service to our customers, giving them access to the best hotel rates and likewise, providing hoteliers a closer connection to trivago users."

Axel Hefer, CEO, trivago

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Key features of Smart Feed for hotel data

Up to date database of prices and availability direct from hotels

Over 50,000 hotels

Thousands added monthly

126,000,000 search data points available

33 content data points per hotel

Integrate with a single API or we can integrate with yours

Smart scheduling

Each search has a direct to booking link

Lowest rates directly from the hotels

Smart Feed can access any data on the web, gather it at scale, and bundle it together as a single feed.


We provide consistent, high quality feed of hotel rate and room availability for our parts in the search and travel industries

BI & Price intelligence

Unlocking hidden web data for your BI and competitor analysis needs. Let us assist you in leveraging the vast information available on the web, typically accessible only to humans.

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Mananged Smart Feed Service

Our feeds conform to a consistent schema, and can be pushed to you on schedule. Alternatively you can integrate against our API to pull data on demand.

We work with you to expand the data coverage as required, bringing on support for additional services with our in-house Automation Team.

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Optimised for Suppliers

Smart Feed can gather packaging web data into a single feed for any source. When limited data is available through APIs but exists on websites, Smart Feed consolidates it all to provide a comprehensive data picture.

When development teams handle multiple, unstable, or disparate data sources (APIs or web), Smart Feed simplifies the process by offering a unified consolidation solution, eliminating the need for complex data connections.

Our highly optimised feeds operate 24/7, guaranteeing a reliable data source regardless of the time you access it.

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Internet scale

We provision finely tuned infrastructure designed to operate at the scale demanded by our data partners.

Our resources scale on-demand, and deliver a high volume resource so data remains accurate and valuable no matter the underlying load.

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