UBIO Headquarters – London

UBIO Limited
27-31 Clerkenwell Close
Unit G.03
United Kingdom

UBIO Automation Team – Bucharest

UBIO Automation SRL
Sector 1
Bd. Ficusului nr. 44a
Etaj 2
Cam 211

ubio price comparison

UBIO Price Comparison

We let your customers buy their insurance, loans, mortgages, broadband and more where they compare – directly on your app or site. We automate the transaction on the underlying supplier so you get a consistent transactional API. Customers are more likely to buy where they compare.

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We power direct booking, without limitations – for air and ground travel, hotels, car hire and insurance – with no dependency on traditional distribution systems. Our technology allows your customers stay on your property for the full transaction. This results in much improved conversion.

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