Flight booking API

A single API for flight booking

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How UBIO solves flight connectivity

Flight OTAs that can offer comprehensive price accurate content, inclusive of low cost carriers, give themselves a commercial advantage. OTAs that are unable to provide full market coverage due to a lack of integration options find themselves losing out on potential revenue.

UBIO's flight booking API gives flight OTAs access to airlines, including low cost carries, through a single API. This flight booking capability is carrier agnostic and is not reliant on existing carrier APIs, integrations, or carriers managing their inventory through third-party platforms. OTAs can help differentiate their solution with access to carriers typically unavailable elsewhere.

Additionally, UBIO's technology automates post-booking activities, minimising the need for manual intervention. Customers report increased coverage, reduced booking fees, and streamlined operations with our automation technology.

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How it works

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Facing the challenge of maximising flight coverage, leading OTAs are turning to UBIO's flight connectivity solution to access cheaper fares, add more airlines and automate post-booking flows.

“UBIOs web automation and connectivity technology has enabled trivago to provide our customers with the lowest direct hotel rates. This has improved our service to our customers, giving them access to the best hotel rates and likewise, providing hoteliers a closer connection to trivago users."

Axel Hefer, CEO, trivago

Portrait of Axel Hefer, CEO Trivago

Expand through increased coverage

Increasing coverage is a continuing challenge for flight OTAs who wish to venture into new consumer markets. While a combination of GDS, NDC, aggregator and direct integration can offer reasonable coverage, the coverage is not exhaustive.

Leading OTAs are embracing UBIO's new connectivity technology to access a greater amount of content for airlines and routes, improving coverage and creating a competitive advantage in the busy flight market.

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Flight booking features

Easy-to-implement API

Managed API service

Compatible with a large range of airlines

Access multiple airlines with a single API

Post-booking capabilities 

24/7 support

“Our experience with UBIO has been essential to our business. Their web automation technology enables us to increase conversion by offering our customers end to end bookings with multiple partners yet only a single API integration. Their customer support is also particularly responsive, ensuring that we can rely on their technology 24/7.”

Josh James, Chief Operating Officer, Snaptrip Group

Josh James, Snaptrip
A new approach to solving connectivity challenges in travel

Greater coverage

With UBIO's technology not requiring complex integration, we can offer a large number of airlines, including LCCs, enabling our customers to access new routes and markets.

Lower booking fees

Because of the way in which UBIO's technology operates, our customers can benefit from a reduction in the typical fees for flight booking.

Differentiate from the competition

Access airlines and routes previously unavailable, offer more competitive fares, and remove the reliance on using multiple partners and integrations for flight coverage.

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Post booking automation

Many OTAs rely on agents or internal teams to manually make changes to bookings including cancellations, upgrades, or changes to baggage options. UBIO's API includes post booking capability, enabling OTAs to streamline processes and improve operating efficiency.

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Competitor insight

Competitor insights can help OTAs better position themselves for price and coverage. Our travel experts are on hand to discuss your use case to understand how price checks and competitive intelligence could help improve your consumer offering.

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