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Travel, Retail, Finance, Price Comparison … whatever your business we provide tangible value.

We have clients in all these sectors and verticals. We can only imagine what other applications our transactional automation and data feed technology might benefit.

Below are our regular use-cases. Speak to us if you have such a use-case yourself, or wish to introduce us to another.

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An online aggregator's checkout powered by the Automation Cloud.
                    We used to redirect users to organisers' websites. It caused massive churn and many transactions, when they were made later, were not attributed to us.
Smart Actions allowed us to build frictionless UX when customers purchased at the discovery point. Now we are in complete control of the Customer Journey and accumulate a lot of data for analytics and KYC."
– CEO, Events & Ticketing aggregator


Our clients use us to provide a full transactional funnel to their discovery platforms using Smart Actions. This gives them the chance to operate as a pureplay offering where otherwise they’d be limited to search, or cobbling together the few, scrappy APIs that cover transacting in a few corners of the travel Supply market.

For these customers we see considerable improvements in conversion, meaning we’re a vital component in delivering their revenue goals.

Other Travel clients connect to our Smart Feed for Hotel data. This provides massive-scale, highly accurate inventory, pricing and availability data across thousands of properties and millions of data points.

If you’re a Travel business we can probably help you drive revenues and differentiate amongst your competitors.

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Broadband & TV

Our Broadband and TV customers use Smart Actions to provide a full, transactional sales funnel. This would otherwise be impossible, since there are no APIs for selling Broadband or TV packages available.

We’re able to programmatically navigate complex checkout journeys designed for human interaction. We can perform product cross- and up-sells and arrange things like installation visits.

If you aggregate the sale of Broadband and TV deals, get in touch, as we’re likely to be able to improve your revenues and put you a step ahead of your competitors.

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Price Comparison

Comparison services drive the insurance and utilities market. Our Smart Actions technology has been deployed to perform the sale of Insurance and other products.

We help Price Comparison services deliver fully compliant sales funnels where the customer is presented with key information needed to sell a sophisticated product. We also output varied levels of interactivity data that can be saved at the Price Comparison side for audit and compliance. Our systems are fully secure and we understand the financial requirements of our Comparison clients. All payments are fully Level 1 PCI compliant.

If you are a Price Comparison business, speak to us to benefit from the conversion improvements of providing a full sales funnel and keeping your customers on your site. 

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Giftwrapped parcels on a wooden floor.

Financial Services

Our clients in Financial Services use Smart Actions to apply for loans and credit cards, eliminating the churn between their discovery platform and the customer action.

Financial products like loans are complex, and require knowledge of compliance issues and conformity with financial regulation. We provide all necessary information and steps in the application process so our Financial Services clients ramain compliant whole still benefiting from on-site completion of the full transaction.

If you provide a financial services product that allows for loan or credit card applications – or if you work in any associated field – we’re certain you will benefit from adding a full sales funnel to your offering.

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Our technology was originally built for retail. Smart Actions provides a fully transactional checkout service for any aggregated retail service – be it an app or website. We give retail aggregators the missing basket, meaning shoppers stay on-site and churn less.

We also understand the Retail aggregator market and its deep linkage with Affiliate Networks. We can work either individually, at the aggregator level, or collectively through a Network to provide a full checkout service.

If you’re a retail aggregator or marketplace we’re sure you’d benefit from the conversion boost that a full sales experience will being. And if you represent an Affiliate Network or cashback service we’ll be able to improve the revenue generating power of your Advertisers.

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Giftwrapped parcels on a wooden floor.

Other sectors & verticals

We know how beneficial our services are for our clients in Travel, Retail, FS and Comparison – particularly for revenue improvement. And we realise it doesn’t stop there.

Our Smart Actions product provides all types of transactional connectivity so any online flow can be expressed as a fully featured API. Whatever it is you do it’s likely we can improve your customer experience by performing web interactions behind the scenes, keeping your customers where they are most effective for you – on your service.

Our Smart Feed is deployed to provide accurate data, at scale so you can act with intelligence, or provide actionable data to your customers.

Speak to us to find out how you will benefit.

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Who we are

UBIO are the creators of the Automation Cloud, the web’s most powerful Connectivity Platform.

We believe delivering an excellent customer experience is vital.
However, for many marketplaces, data-driven businesses and personal assistants, making their dream a reality is challenged by fragmented Internet infrastructure.
8 years ago we decided to solve this problem with a new technology that is capable of connecting any web service with any online source. Machines can interact with any website regardless of available APIs.
Our technology connects your business  with any 3rd party to interact. You can transact, crawl data or perform any task online.
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We’ll work with you and your team to demo how powerful UBIO's Automation Cloud is and how it can benefit your business and use-case.

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