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November 6, 2023
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Job Boards: How Automation Technology is transforming candidate experience

Candidate experience on job boards plays a critical role in increasing the number of completed job applications and delivering value to job posters. Yet, while job boards recognise the importance of a seamless user journey, they introduce friction into the candidate journey. With redirects and requirements for candidates to enter the same information more than once, many abandon the application. UBIO’s automation technology is being used by leading job boards to improve candidate experience by enabling candidates to complete their application within the job board itself. This is helping increase completed applications, reduce drop off rates and putting the job board in the position to play a more important role in the process. 

How Job Boards are Improving Candidate Experience

In today's competitive job market, the candidate experience offered by job boards plays a critical role in maximising completed job applications. This blog will explore how job boards are leveraging new automation technology to meet candidate expectations, increase completed applications and compete in the market.

The job board experience frustrates candidates 

Job boards strive to be the preferred choice for employers and job posters, but a major hindrance in achieving this lies in the candidate experience within the job board ecosystem.

Redirecting candidates off-site to complete their application causes friction and results in deserted forms. A study by Appcast found that the candidate drop-off rate for people who click 'Apply' but never complete an application is an incredible 92 percent. Following redirection, candidates often face further friction, from being asked to fill in the same information again, to resetting passwords or navigating poorly designed, needlessly complicated forms. 

While the experience once candidates leave the job site may be ‘out of sight, out of mind’, many leading job boards are recognising the part this plays in meeting the needs of the job poster and return business. Commercial models of cost per posted job or cost-per-click model are not impacted by attrition in the short term. However, a suboptimal job application process affects the overall value delivered to the employer and presents risk to longer term revenue and growth. 

Job boards that can provide an improved candidate experience which maximises completed applications from candidates visiting their site, create greater value for the employer. Whatsmore, they give themselves a commercial opportunity to become the job board of choice and play a more prominent role in the job application process.

Connecting the candidate journey increases completed applications

Improving candidate experience results in increased clicks, increased completion rates, reduced drop off, improved brand equity, and an upturn in returning candidates and employers. The best experience for the candidate delivers the best results for the job board and, in turn, the employer.

UBIO’s web automation solution enables job boards to bring the full end-to-end application experience directly onto their platform. It does this by automating the completion of the applications on the job site, while the candidates remain on the job board, completing their application at the point of job discovery. With no redirection off-site and having control over the candidate experience, this is helping job boards deliver a better experience for applicants. Being able to offer quick apply functionality delivers better results for the employer. 

The benefits of UBIO automation for job boards 

Improved Candidate Experience = Growth

To drive revenue, a critical metric for job boards is its ability to retain users and keep them coming back. Achieving this is directly tied to the candidate experience. UBIO’s solution provides a smoother, more intuitive journey for candidates without the friction they see on most job boards. It makes the entire job application process seamless. Candidates increasingly expect and appreciate a quick and simple process without needless repetition. 

Full Funnel Insights and Accurate Attribution

Full candidate journey visibility equips job boards with invaluable insights and accurate attribution metrics. This enables tracing of the entire candidate journey, from the initial job search to the final application submission. Such insights enable job boards to fine-tune their strategies and provide a more comprehensive service to both job seekers and employers.

CPA Monetisation Opportunities

Job boards are positioned to augment cost per click (CPC) or cost per job models with a cost per completed application (CPA) model. With improved candidate experience delivering an increase on completed applications, it provides a commercially viable option of offering a CPA model to job posters. 

Playing a More Fundamental Role in the Recruitment Process

Today's job boards have become a much more integral part of the recruitment process. Giving candidates the ability to apply from within the job board is building upon this transformation. Job boards are able to demonstrate a more substantial role in the application process, building credibility and establishing stronger relationships with job advertisers.

Keep candidates and employers coming back. Read more on UBIO for Job Boards solution.

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