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Keep your customers on-site so they convert better

Your customers discover with you. Then they leap off to the underlying Supplier to transact. This is a recipe for churn.

UBIO Smart Actions gives you the full checkout or purchase funnel – and the radical conversion benefits which come with it – often as much as a 49% improvement.

Own the full customer experience, and stay miles ahead of the competition.

An online aggregator's checkout powered by the Automation Cloud.
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How it works

                    All the applications our users filled-in online were handled by agents. They called back each one, which slowed down the process, drove costs and increased the risk of churn.
With Smart Actions we process transact for our users directly on our site and eliminate agents. We track each conversion in real-time and optimize the entire funnel."
– Product Director, Broadband Price Comparison


Our clients use us to book flights and hotels, leveraging user profiles and reducing the desire for travellers to search elsewhere.

Broadband & TV

We can checkout complex product packages including Broadband, TV and SIM products.

Price Comparison

We provide fully compliant checkout for comparison engines for products as diverse as mortgages and insurance.

Financial Services

Customers securely arrange loans or apply for credit cards using our service, meaning FS aggregators act like pureplay e-commerce.


We can buy any product on any website so customers stay where they are and purchase at the point of discovery.

Anything else

We book event tickets and apply for visas and jobs. We can do anything transactional, keeping the full funnel on your site, whatever the application.

Resellers and Agencies

Offer full-funnel transactions to your portfolio of affiliate advertisers or agency clients. Speak to us about the value the Automation Cloud can bring to your agency offer.

How Smart Actions works

Marketplaces, Metasearch and price comparison websites give customers amazing search experiences. But because there aren’t reliable APIs for checkout they redirect their users to the supplier websites, causing friction and churn.

Smart Actions uses web automation to provide the missing checkout API, allowing aggregators to build a low friction CX and own the full funnel. User’s stay on their sites rather than getting redirected. This scales to cover any supplier, maintains 99.9%+ reliability and brings critical full-funnel insights. Most importantly, it means happier customers and more sales.

There's often no viable API connectivity for critical services that are available on third-party websites.

Smart Actions gives you an API for any online interaction, like checkout, booking or task completion.

A case study

A Broadband Comparison website

The web in a basket

This Broadband Comparison site provided an incredible search experience that their customers loved. However, the journey on their site ended there – customers buy on the underlying site.

Reliable APIs for buying broadband don’t exist. The user had to click-out to the relevant telecoms website to purchase. This leads to a lot of churn. The user experience was clumsy and the various, third-party sales funnels are inconsistent and often suboptimal.

Smart Actions

A person saying "The missing checkout API."

With Smart Actions, the Broadband Comparison website now controls the full, transactional sales funnel on their site. They provide the end-to-end CX, from search all the way through to purchase.

This is a smooth, low-friction experience which works optimally for new customers and is a matter of a couple of taps for those with a profile. Conversion is around 49% higher than it was before.

What goes on behind the scenes?

The Broadband Comparison site built the UI for their new checkout funnel and integrated it with the Smart Actions API using our Javascript library.

When a customer chooses a particular deal from their search results, Smart Actions automates the underlying supplier in the Automation Cloud. Our robots load the website in a real Chrome browser and as the customer fills in the forms on the Comparison site Smart Actions replicates those actions on the provider’s website.

Smart Actions provides the connections to all the suppliers our client needs for purchase. Our robots follow a flexible ‘script’ that interacts with the provider’s site just like a human does. It fills out all the fields and purchases the package with the customer’s payment card. Payments use the Automation Cloud’s Level 1 PCI Compliant secure Vault.

When complete the customer is shown the order confirmation and receives an email from the supplier exactly as they would had they purchased on the provider’s site themselves.

If the customer already has an account with the Comparison site, then the process is even lower-friction. All the data can be sent up-front so all the user has to do is click ‘buy’ and the transaction is made with almost no interaction – like magic.

Smart Actions provides highly robust connections and operates at whatever scale is needed by the Broadband Comparison site.

What else can Smart Actions do?

Smart Actions performs any type of action that follows an interactive flow on a website. Generally, if a human can do it in a browser, Smart Actions can automate it at scale.

We work in many verticals – travel, retail, financial services, events and others. The tasks Smart Actions performs might involve a purchase – like buying a product – or may not – like flight check-in, or arranging a loan.

We also integrate and consolidate traditional APIs to combine powerful interactions within a single integration. This removes overhead and technical burden on our client Dev teams.

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How marketplaces grow  their business with us and challenge competitors *


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Less tech resources spent


Conversion improvement

* statistics from existing clients

Rapid integration and coverage

There are a few transactional APIs around, but coverage is patchy. We can connect any supplier so you can transact on your full-spectrum of Suppliers.

You integrate against a single, stable API, directly or using our libraries. That means one connection for all your suppliers. This reduces the support overhead in your development team, freeing them to work on other revenue generating projects.

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Suppliers love and trust us

We drive more sales, consistently and securely. Our partners benefit from better relationships and commission efficiencies because of improved sales and performance.

The underlying Supplier also retains the customer data so they can remarket as if the customer landed on their website.

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You’re in control

Customer experience is king. We provide you with the complete funnel, turning your beautiful search experience into a full service.

Your expert brand and design team can control the full, end-to-end CX, meaning much deeper control and a full data and analytics view.

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Who we are

UBIO are the creators of the Automation Cloud, the web’s most powerful Connectivity Platform.

We believe delivering an excellent customer experience is vital.
However, for many marketplaces, data-driven businesses and personal assistants, making their dream a reality is challenged by fragmented Internet infrastructure.
8 years ago we decided to solve this problem with a new technology that is capable of connecting any web service with any online source. Machines can interact with any website regardless of available APIs.
Our technology connects your business  with any 3rd party to interact. You can transact, crawl data or perform any task online.
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See how it works

We’ll work with you and your team to demo how powerful UBIO's Automation Cloud is and how it can benefit your business and use-case.

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